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DGL Support

On the ladder

When a team joins a division, it starts at the bottom of the ladder.
Each team tries to get higher up the ladder by challenging other teams who are ranked higher up the ladder.
When a team challenges another team and wins, they swap places in ranking. Otherwise, when the defending team wins, both teams keep their rank. Teams can challenge up to 3 spots higher in rank. Team admins can make new challenges from the team menu. All team admins from both teams will be notified by email.

Seasons and winners
A year will be divided into 3 seasons of around 4 months each. Each season will have a winner. The season ending date is indicated in the description for each division. How the season winner is determined for a particular division is explained on the DGL rule page.
At the end of a season stats will be generated and the winner will be announced on the awards page.
At the start of a new season the ranking is inverted or in some cases randomized, and prediction scores are reset for all users.

The challenging team picks the map.
When picking the map, the last 2 maps you chose as the challenging team, are removed from the mappool. This ensures that teams don't play the same maps over and over. It also means that you will need to strategically plan your map choices when challenging.

When a team challenges another team, and the defending team wins, the successful defending team is immune to challenges for 10 days since the date of the last challenge (except when that team is ranked nr 1). In all other scenario's the team will not be immune. This is to give that team the opportunity to make a challenge of their own, and climb the ladder.

Two teams can't play eachother twice in a row, unless 14 days have passed since that last match was created.

Submitting scores
The winning team submits the score from the team menu. All team admins will be notified by email. In case of a wrong score or a dispute, contact an admin immediately!

Match predictions
Each user has a prediction score (p-score), starting at 0. For each successfully predicted outcome for an upcoming match, you receive 1 point. For predicting a match wrongly you get 0 points. You get half a point for each match you didn't predict. Predictions are made here.

All DGL rules are listed on the rules page. All team captains should be aware of those rules, and keep their team members updated.


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