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Tank vs Kaya



You could tell something was a little bit odd about this match between Tank and Kaya from the beginning. After taking a lengthy time to assemble, both Kaya and Tank did not have their usual teams online. Kaya was surprisingly excellently prepared, having their best players online - BTC the Hawaiian GL, DamageINC an excellent Swedish hitscan, fellow Swede and team captain Funk, one of Kaya's newer faces Dawn who is regarded as a dangerous player on every European server, and the grizzled veteran Finn Moomoo. Tank also had a different team online. Though fielding their standard starters - Savior, John, and Nord, they were missing their main gl and key player - Bitey. Certainly, their two other players, Furt and Plasma, shouldn't be dismissed; they occasionally start for Tank anyway. The lack of Tank's best gl, however, was worrisome. Given this unique opportunity to defeat Tank on their best map, Kaya gave it their all.

Tank's Attack

A strong start and a good hold-

Tank began the attacking round on silo, coming out strong. Tank's first rush was fairly predictable, but as devasting as it usually is, even without Bitey. They were able to push Kaya back, doing significant damage to the outside defenders and forcing Kaya to recover quickly. But, Moomoo's excellent teslaing and BTC's great gling kept the Kaya team on solid footing for the first 2 minutes.

A troubled back line-

In the late 2nd minute, however, Tank began to make some good progress. An excellent rush on the jip by Nord and another tank player took out the heavy Dawn. Kaya's back line failed to work together, Dawn dying in the outside room and Funk dying by himself in the Jip room. Kaya's front was able to clean up the mess, with Moomoo and Damage INC with an AR coming in from behind and securing the jip. It was still a shaky moment for Kaya's D.

A shocking change-

Not satisfied with the defense, Dawn decided to drop the ion heavy and instead push out front with an mk. This left Funk as the gl decker alone defending the jip, significantly decreasing the defense of the back line. It was like a goalie coming out of his net to join in in the midfield. This ruse actually was quite successful for a few minutes. Dawn provided excellent cleanup in the front, picking off enemies hit by Moomoo's tesla and BTC's gl.

The cap-

The jip, however, was left horribly vulnerable. Funk is certainly a competent gl, but one competent gl has never been able to hold a determined rush by two Tank players. Within 4 minutes, Kaya's defense outside crumbled. BTC, Damage, and Moomoo all were killed in a row, leaving a long spawn. Dawn attempted to draw Tank members to the bottom, successfully buying 10 seconds worth of precious time, but was killed. Funk, alone in the jip, succumbed to a strong Tank rush, and Nord successfully capped 1st objective at 6:34

2nd objective and the platforms-

2nd objective, like always, went in just a minute after the first. Kaya's spawn was wiped and Plasma decked it at 7:35. There was little fighting around 2nd objective, because Kaya did not get a spawn after the cap. Kaya put up a decent defense on the platforms, with yet again Moomoo and BTC being the main force of Kaya's team. BTC effectively launched grenades across the platforms; however, Moomoo's tesla was not nearly as effective as on first. Tank did an excellent job at dodging tesla balls and engaging the Kaya team from range and around corners with mks. A few frag grenades and good mk shots by plasma, furt, and nord easily cleared the platform and allowed Tank to press the attack.

The End-

Pushing the Kaya team back, Tank finally succeeding in getting a wipe at around 12 minutes. Plasma started the launch. Kaya rushed to save the objective. Due to a lack of gls on the Tank team, individual fights between teslas and mks and shotguns broke out all outside the 3rd objective area. Tank, however, got the better of the battle holding the Jip with one or two wounded players with 20 seconds remaining on the launch. Kaya got another spawn and quickly finished off the remaing Tank members. But, there was not enough time. Dawn decked in at 2 seconds remaining, not nearly enough to time to decrypt the launch sequence. Tank had successfully captured the map at a fast, though not amazing time of 12:54.

Kaya's Attack

A lightning fast first rush-

Kaya began their 2nd round with a bang. Instead of attacking with only one or two stealthers, they opted for a light rush. Everyone on Kaya attacked at top speed and swarmed the Tank defenders. Moomoo, BTC, and Funk did an excellent job rushing the jip with shotties, stripping and then killing John. Dawn ran interference with his boltgun, and Damage shined in the opening moments with good lr kills on Tank's outside defenders.

The tide slowly turns-

Kaya's light rush successfully put a shaky Tank defense on its heels. Tank lost the front doors and windows and had to rush the jip a couple of times. The lack of a powerful gl outfront was a serious problem for the Tank defense as lights were able to swam into the area outside the jip doors. Kaya's attack, however slowly lost ground. Savior's excellent tesla and use of frag nades easily dealt with the lights and John and Furt were able to clean up fairly well. It was clear that Kaya's light strategy was becoming increasingly unsuccessful. Kaya's refusal to change this between the 3rd and 6th minutes really stalled their attack. They ran 3 lights and only 2 mediums even by the 6th minute, though it was clear that they were no longer making any decent progress at dislodging Nord and John in the jip.

A tactical change and a cap-

Finally Kaya began to take 4 to 5 mediums at around the 7th minute. This is when they began to do some good damage. After a few failed rushes on the jip and poor communication with one half of the team spawn camping and one half rushing the jip, Kaya finally got their break. They broke down the defense outside with little casualties and did a good rush on the jip using a gl and katanas to take it, after a mistimed grenade by Nord killed the heavy (John). Dawn took it at 9:26

The Kaya blitz-

Knowing that they had a lot of time to make up and fast, Kaya pushed forward. Much like Tank they capped 2nd after only a minute, at 10:45. They also moved quickly to push across the platforms. Like Kaya's first rush, this effort quickly pushed Tank back. For a crucial few minutes Kaya largely controlled the platforms and killed many of the upfront defenders, getting a few precious players into the silo. Kaya successfully wiped the Tank team at around 11:45, despite strong efforts and good damage by Furt and Savior. They only had a few seconds to start the launch and go for the win.

The Chance-

Kaya started the launch somewhere around the 12 minute mark. It was their last hope. If that missile went off, Kaya could pull off the biggest and first victory against Tank in this entire season. Two wounded Kaya players defended the silo as another three hurried from spawn. Tank got a spawn right before the three Kaya members crossed the platform. Tank hurried to the objective, with Nord and Savior attempting to clear out the punks at the silo and Furt and Plasma rushing to fight the reinforcements. Nord took out one of the Kaya defenders before going down, and Savior finished the job, killing Dawn with about 40 seconds left on the timer. The timer wound down to 30 seconds, and Savior needed a decker, only having a TAC. John, lasering from spawn, was quite slow to respond, taking 10 seconds to get down to the jip and deck in. All that was needed was a good decryption. Suddenly, Funk showed up out of nowhere, legboosting stealthing from the platforms. He quickly turned the corner into the silo, and threw a primed emp to the right side of the jip, right where John was decking. The emp killed John, saving Kaya's precious lifeline.

The Save-

The 20 second mark comes up. Funk takes out a wounded Savior. He only needs to hold the jip for another 15 seconds. Right at this moment- Furt, Nord, and Plasma come barreling down from spawn. They quickly locate Funk and tesla him down. The counter hits 9...8...7...6...5- Nord decks in -4...3 - if Nord misses a single button on his decryption Tank could lose - 2..1.. Launch Cancelled. Tank dodges the bullet and saves the day by the nick of time.

The Aftermath and Analysis-

Knowing that Tank won the match, both teams play the round to the finish with Tank getting back on their feet and defending 3rd until the end of the round. A truly exciting and nerve-racking match for Tank, nearly losing in a major upset to Kaya on their favorite map. Kaya showed a top-class performance that smacked of creativity and finesse. Moomoo and BTC played brilliantly, doing most of Kaya's damage. DamageINC hit his stride in the 2nd round especially with good lring; Dawn played excellent with his mk defense of 1st objective; and Funk showed his strength on attack with skirmishing and the best emp run on silo that I've seen in a long time. Though not playing as well as expected on Silo, a few of Tank's members did excellent jobs. On defense, Furt and Savior put out an impressive 4k damage apiece, racking up kills against Kaya. Nord and John also put in a good performance on 1st objective D, proving to be a difficult deterrent against a speedy Kaya team. All of Tank looked in impressive form on attack, really dominating the tempo of the match and forcing Kaya to reflexively respond to Tank's actions.

As a spectacle, it was a great and riviting match. Hopefully we'll have a lot more like these in the weeks to come.

(Note: I apologize if I got some of the details wrong - all of this was from memory).






wow excellent writing, i was all i excited when you wrote about the countdown Grin
damn with moomoo back its one of the best lineups we've had in years





Very nice Joker, thanks for taking up the slack and doing these. I seem to be quite lazy as of late.

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