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About the Dystopia Global League



About Dystopia

Dystopia is an intense fast-paced action cyberpunk modification based on the Source engine. All you need to play this game is ANY game based on the source engine (Counter Strike, HL2, TF2, ..), that entitles you to the Source SDK.
You can download Dystopia through Steam: Dystopia on Steam

About the Dystopia Global League

The Dystopia Global League was initially formed on September 12th 2005, a day after the release of the Dystopia Demo client. Originally, the Dystopia Global League took the shape of a tournament by the name of "Conflict on Talsoria 9: A Dystopia Tournament." This tournament was started to competitively 'stress-test' Dystopia, so that the game can be used in many other tournaments and leagues.

After a few days, more than 250 players had signed up for the tournament and there was much more community outpouring, thus the original admins, Michael 'urinal-cake' Sanders and Ryan 'ReK_' Kozak founded the Dystopia Global League.
First two divisions existed, 'Sigma' for the North Atlantic teams and 'Epsilon' for the South Pacific teams. The CT9 Season 1 tournament started with 14 North American teams and 6 South Pacific teams and approximately 260 players. The tournament ran for 3 weeks with four rounds. Comedy Option came out as the winner of Sigma, while in Epsilon, Uber Punkeration came out as the winner.
Soon after, a third division was created to host European players; named Omicron. With 10 Sigma teams, 6 Epsilon teams and 5 Omicron teams and more than 221 players, this was the biggest tournament yet. It was during this time that interest was lost in Dystopia because of the lack of maps. Players and teams dropped like flies and the Admins had to halt the Omicron and Epsilon divisions. The Sigma finals were continued and Habitual Genocide came out as the winner.

Things remained quiet after that, no new DGL tournament was started. When the full version of Dystopia V1 was released clanplay focussed on other leagues such as the Stronger Than All and the Cyberpunk Challenge League. After some time those leagues dropped, and with several teams still wanting to compete the need for a new league arose.

In the summer of 2007 the Battle Hub was created: a Dystopia ladder focussed on flexibility and fun. This time teamsizes were kept as small as 4vs4, and captains could pick their own opponents. Even with the low Dystopia playerbase, around 200 players signed up and about 12 teams were active during the first 2 seasons (8 months total).

With the release of Dystopia V1.2 and a potentially larger playerbase, the DGL project was picked back up by the Battle Hub creators, to form THE nr1 big official Dystopia competition ladder. At its core you will recognise all the things the Hub and the old DGL offered, only this time we're stronger, larger, and here to stay.


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