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WSW vs KHR* Vaccine 2011-10-23 WSW won by forfeit vs KHR*
[inHD!] vs TEAMGERMAN Vaccine 2011-10-23 [inHD!] lost vs TEAMGERMAN
BOSS vs DNO Vaccine 2011-10-23 BOSS lost vs DNO
PAKAS vs GYPO Vaccine 2011-10-23 PAKAS vs GYPO: double forfeit
[inHD!] vs TEAMGERMAN Vaccine 2011-10-22 none
DNO vs PAKAS Infect 2011-10-16 DNO won vs PAKAS
TEAMGERMAN vs GYPO Infect 2011-10-16 TEAMGERMAN lost vs GYPO
BOSS vs WSW Infect 2011-10-16 BOSS lost vs WSW
KHR* vs [inHD!] Infect 2011-10-16 KHR* lost vs [inHD!]
PAKAS vs WSW Fusion 2011-10-09 PAKAS won vs WSW
BOSS vs KHR* Fusion 2011-10-09 BOSS vs KHR*: double forfeit
DNO vs TEAMGERMAN Fusion 2011-10-05 DNO lost vs TEAMGERMAN
[inHD!] vs GYPO Fusion 2011-10-05 [inHD!] lost by forfeit vs GYPO
TEAMGERMAN vs WSW Silo 2011-09-26 TEAMGERMAN lost vs WSW
DNO vs [inHD!] Silo 2011-09-26 DNO won vs [inHD!]
BOSS vs PAKAS Silo 2011-09-26 BOSS lost by forfeit vs PAKAS
KHR* vs GYPO Silo 2011-09-26 KHR* lost vs GYPO
DNO vs GYPO Fortress 2011-09-25 DNO lost vs GYPO
PAKAS vs KHR* Fortress 2011-09-25 PAKAS lost vs KHR*
[inHD!] vs WSW Fortress 2011-09-25 [inHD!] lost vs WSW
BOSS vs TEAMGERMAN Fortress 2011-09-25 BOSS lost vs TEAMGERMAN
BOSS vs [inHD!] Detonate 2011-09-12 BOSS lost vs [inHD!]
WSW vs GYPO Detonate 2011-09-12 WSW lost vs GYPO
PAKAS vs TEAMGERMAN Detonate 2011-09-12 PAKAS lost vs TEAMGERMAN
DNO vs KHR* Detonate 2011-09-12 DNO won vs KHR*
DNO vs [inHD!] Detonate 2011-09-11 none
DNO vs WSW Vaccine 2011-09-05 DNO lost vs WSW
PAKAS vs [inHD!] Vaccine 2011-09-05 PAKAS lost vs [inHD!]
BOSS vs GYPO Vaccine 2011-09-05 BOSS lost vs GYPO
TEAMGERMAN vs KHR* Vaccine 2011-09-05 TEAMGERMAN won vs KHR*
>:( vs nb| Vaccine 2011-02-20 >:( lost vs nb|
[bd] vs †ZLJ Fortress 2011-02-09 [bd] vs †ZLJ: double forfeit
>:( vs KaYa^ Fusion 2011-02-06 >:( won vs KaYa^
†ZLJ vs >:( Fusion 2011-01-28 †ZLJ lost vs >:(
QETCMMM vs [bd] Fortress 2011-01-20 QETCMMM lost vs [bd]
>:( vs KaYa^ Silo 2011-01-16 >:( lost vs KaYa^
nos. vs nb| Silo 2011-01-16 nos. vs nb|: double forfeit
nos. vs n saucy Detonate 2011-01-03 nos. won by forfeit vs n saucy
>:( vs KaYa^ Fortress 2011-01-02 >:( lost vs KaYa^
[bd] vs †ZLJ Silo 2010-12-23 [bd] lost by forfeit vs †ZLJ
QETCMMM vs nos. Vaccine 2010-12-22 QETCMMM lost vs nos.
nb| vs Tank! Fusion 2010-12-19 nb| vs Tank!: double forfeit
>:( vs n saucy Detonate 2010-12-19 >:( won vs n saucy
QETCMMM vs †ZLJ Detonate 2010-12-13 QETCMMM lost vs †ZLJ
[bd] vs [LoSD] Detonate 2010-12-13 [bd] won vs [LoSD]
n saucy vs nb| Vaccine 2010-12-12 n saucy lost by forfeit vs nb|
>:( vs KaYa^ Vaccine 2010-12-12 >:( lost vs KaYa^
QETCMMM vs [bd] Cybernetic 2010-12-06 QETCMMM won vs [bd]
>:( vs [LoSD] Fortress 2010-12-04 >:( won vs [LoSD]
nb| vs Tank! Cybernetic 2010-12-01 nb| lost vs Tank!