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General: Rules that apply to all divisions.
Any cheats, including but not limited to 3rd party programs, editing of protected game files to exploit holes, or the exploitation of any bugs (see below) is regarded as illegal.
Use of cheats or exploits will result in the involved player(s) being immediately banned from the league once a decision has been made concerning the matter. Resolution may involve more than one administrator and all decisions are final.
Cheating may result in match results being overturned.
Use of command scripts is not considered cheating as long as they do not exploit the game. Scripts are legal. If you are unsure what is legal or not, consult an administrator.
Any map exploits used (such as traveling to parts of maps that are not meant to be traveled to; the use of weapons, implants or any other qualities that are not designed in-game for a particular class) are illegal.
Any action or exploit that hinders game play can and will be considered illegal pending the decision of the administrator(s) assigned to the matter.
Abnormal situations in both the game and map, like boosting (allowing a player to climb on you) and use of furniture (to block, etc) are legal.
For any extenuating circumstances and further decisions, an administrator will be consulted.
All forms of team-only communication, including message mode 2, vox communications (not including globals), in-server voice communication and all third-party communication programs such as IRC, Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, are unregulated.
Usage of MM1 during the game is frowned upon and excess use may lead to administrative action.
Spamming or excessive taunting may lead to administrator action.
Messages will be limited to comments that reflect good sportsmanship and/or the conveyance of necessary information.
No one is allowed to spectate at any given time with the exception of league administrators, and admin approved shoutcasters. Others may be allowed to spectate as approved by an administrator on a case-by-case basis.
All members must maintain respect for each league admin and fellow competing member, in-game and out. Causing another member of the league unnecessary grief can lead to that player's suspension from the league for an amount of time deemed fit by an administrator. Please be advised that this only applies to players registered on a DGL team.
A team/player is perfectly welcome to disagree with any ruling by the league administrators, however, the league administrators descision will be considered final.
Rules are subject to change at any time. Therefore it is the duty of the team leaders and organizers to keep their respective teams informed concerning an updates to the rules listing.
Disputes will be resolved by one or more neutral league administrators (those not directly involved in the game). Disputes are to be reported by team leaders within 24 hours of the match in question. Evidence must be presented and available for the league administrators to resolve the issue. No dispute will be honored without the proper proof to substantiate it.
Screenshots and demo evidence will by expected immediately by league administrators, although 24 hours may be given in extreme cases. In the event that server logs are required, 24 hours will be given for the presentation of those requested logs.
Decisions made by league administrators are final.
Players are advised to record a demo of their play during each match that they play. In case of disputes, demo's will be a primary source of information - throwing out accusations without demo's or other proof to back them is highly discouraged.
If a SourceTV proxy is recording the match, individual players do not need to record demos. This demo is to be made public on the DGL forums.
It is the responsibility of each individual player in the league to be aware of the league rules as posted. Claiming ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for a violation.
Each member must supply his correct STEAMID in his profile.
Season winner
The top six teams based on ladder seeding will enter into a tournament at the end of the season to determine the final outcome of the top 6 ranks in the ladder.

Other divisions may vary.
Server configs: Server settings, per division.
All divisions
Any variable not specified in the official config must be at the default setting.
All servers must operate at 66 tic.
All servers must use the official league whitelist. Alterations are not acceptable. Consult an administrator if you believe the whitelist should be altered.

bin\... from_steam
models\... from_steam
materials\... from_steam
shaders\... from_steam
sound\... from_steam
scripts\... from_steam
resource\... from_steam

// Allow custom spray decals.
materials\temp\... allow_from_disk
materials\vgui\logos\... allow_from_disk
materials\vgui\logos\ui\... allow_from_disk

//Allow custom crosshairs
materials\vgui\crosshairs\... allow_from_disk

//Allow custom HUD Modifications
scripts\HudLayout.res allow_from_disk
Global 5vs5
All servers used for a match will be set to the following configuration:

//Game Settings
sv_pure 1
sv_cheats 0
mp_stopwatch 1
mp_startdelay 15
mp_timelimit 20
mp_rounds 2
mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_punishvotes 0
mp_chattime 45
mp_scalespawntime 0
sv_turbophysics 0
sv_maxspeed 320
sv_maxcmdrate 66
sv_mincmdrate 30
sv_maxupdaterate 66
sv_minupdaterate 30
sv_client_cmdrate_difference 30
sv_gravity 600
sv_friction 4
sv_accelerate 10
sv_airaccelerate 10
sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxrate 0

//STV Settings
tv_enable 1
tv_allow_camera_man 0
tv_chattimelimit 4
tv_delay 90
tv_transmitall 1
tv_maxrate 0
tv_autorecord 1
All servers used for a phistball match will be set to the following configuration:

sv_pure 1
sv_cheats 0
mp_stopwatch 0
mp_startdelay 15
mp_timelimit 10
mp_rounds 2
mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_punishvotes 0
mp_chattime 45
mp_scalespawntime 0
tv_delay 90
sv_turbophysics 0
sv_maxspeed 320
sv_maxcmdrate 66
sv_mincmdrate 30
sv_maxupdaterate 66
sv_minupdaterate 30
sv_client_cmdrate_difference 30
sv_gravity 600
sv_friction 4
sv_accelerate 10
sv_airaccelerate 10
sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxrate 0
Matches: Everything concerning challenges and matches.
Once a challenge has been made, teams have 10 days to play the match. Failure to do so will either result in a double forfeit, or a forfeit by the team judged responsible for failure to schedule, at admin discretion.
Teams are allowed to reschedule a match until 10 days after the challenge was issued.
The winning team will report the outcome of the match.
In the event of a tie, the challenging team (attacker) will report the match as a draw.
Match results must be reported immediately, with special exceptions in extenuating circumstances.
The winning team of a match has priority for challenging another team over the losing team. This means that the winner of the match ought to report the match result.

After reporting the match result, the winner of the match has a 30 minute grace period to challenge another team before they may be challenged. Matches challenged within this grace period may be revoked at the winner's request.

If the match result has not been reported after 30 minutes, the losing team ought to submit the match result, and may proceed to submit a challenge. Bear in mind, however, that the losing team may not challenge for a rematch unless 14 days have passed.
Admins may grant an extension to teams which have failed to play their match in time. Extensions may be granted only for holidays and systemic problems with Steam or Dystopia.

"Systemic problems" are those which affect every, or many, users at once. An individual's problem is not considered "systemic".

Holidays for which extensions may be granted are limited to the 4th of July, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Summer Solstice. Further holidays may be added at discretion of the admins.
Any team that presents 3 or more consecutive forfeits will have to leave their division.
A forfeit will be recorded for any team that does not appear or is not ready to play within 20 minutes of the scheduled start time.
The challenged team (defender) will choose the side which they wish to start.
If any player or players restart the match while play is in progress, the offending clan forfeits. Both teams may agree that server performance is unsatisfactory and the restart of the server is necessary. In this case, a forfeit does not occur, and the match is replayed. In the event that server performance cannot be restored to a satisfactory level, an alternate server may be used. Both teams must agree upon this condition prior to taking contingency action.
It is required for matches to be broadcast via SourceTV. SourceTV must be set with a minimum delay of 90 seconds and a maximum delay of 150 seconds, or 2:30 minutes.
VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) measure, while advised, is not required for a server hosting match play. VAC, if used, is to be set to "Alert" and not ban any player found to have raised that alert. The player(s) in question will then submit their demos and evidence for review by league administrators to determine whether it was a valid detection. Review will take place by no less than three league administrators and a conclusive decision will be brought forth to two senior league administrators for final analysis.
In the event that the server which the match is played may crash, the game will be continued once the server is restored. The half in progress will be reset and the game will continue from the beginning of that half. In the event of a second crash, a new and mutually acceptable server must be chosen.
All players must play with the STEAMID listed in the official league roster.
All players must play with the name and clan tag listed in the official league roster.
A player may only play for the team on which they are in the active roster, and registered as "admin" or "user".
Each team is responsible for providing a server for their attacking round. It is acceptable that both teams use the same server for their attacking round.
Teams have ten minutes after the first round and before the second round to change servers. Both teams are to be ready to play the second round no more than ten minutes after the first round has ended. This may be waived by the agreement of both teams.
Rosters: Rules concerning team rosters.
While inadvisable, teams are allowed to play one player down. If less show up, the match is recorded as a forfeit.
In the event that a team loses a player or players once the match begins, a legal substitute may enter to replace the dropped player to bring the team total to the maximum of 5 players (3 for phistball). In no way may a new player join the team while 5 are still playing. A legal replacement is a player listed on the league roster for that team.
Teams are required to maintain at least 5 players on their respective league rosters. We recommend that teams have at least 7, however.
The team leader or team scheduler must make sure all its team members on the league roster have supplied the correct STEAMID.
Players are discouraged from "team-hopping" and any suspected of such can be brought under review and suspended from the league indefinitely.
A player may only register for play with one team per division, but may administer more than one team per division as a pure admin.
A player marked as 'admin' on the roster, can both admin and play for the team.
A player marked as 'pure_admin' on the roster, can admin the team but may not play in matches.
No team may carry more than 16 players at any time on their league roster.
When a team has an upcoming challenge any player that joins the team one or more days after, may not play in this upcoming challenge. New members are only allowed to play in challenges that were placed on the same day or after they joined the team.

The only exception is when a team is playing its first match of the season.

Players that registered too late to play in the match may be allowed to play if the other team agrees to it.
Neither players nor teams may engineer player names for the purpose of being confusing to other teams or players. This will be judged at the discretion of the admins.
To avoid confusion, no two teams may share the same clan tag. If your clan wishes to field two teams, each team is still required to have a different tag. An easy way to do this is to add a number after the tag.
Scoring, 5vs5 obj gametype: Scoring for Dystopia 5vs5.
The team that holds the furthest objective for the longest accumulated period of time (up to the 20 minutes of game time) is the winner of the match.
If there are no backhacks, the team that reaches the furthest objective in the shortest period of time wins.
Objectives that involve starting a timer do not count (unless the timer is successfully completed)

-starting the rocket launch sequence on silo does not count as an objective
When neither team captures any objectives, the match is to be reported as a draw.
Scoring, Phistball: Scoring in the Phistball division.
2 Rounds are played.
A round ends when one team scores 5 goals, or when the 10 minute round limit is reached.
When both rounds have been played, the team that scored the most goals (when adding the number of goals from both rounds) wins.
Gameplay: Everything related to actual gameplay.
Global 5vs5
Suiciding or killing teammates during a match to regain armor and health is allowed.
Pushing around the physics objects in a map to create a blockade is allowed.